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What if my child doesn’t want to become a doctor?

So in my first post, I explained who had inspired me to start this blog.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

A question I often get asked is….what if she changes her mind?  What if down the road, she decides she wants to be an accountant, astronaut, teacher or a lawyer?  Was this blog a waste of time?

Absolutely not!

A LinkedIn survey from 2012 interviewing 8000 professionals globally found one in four US professionals, and 30% of global workers say they earn a living from their childhood dream job or related field.  So the odds are that she will change her mind.  I know I did after my first year of college at Michigan State University.  After one year of biology, physics, and other sciences, I realized that medicine wasn’t my calling, yet business classes naturally interested me.  Graduating with a degree in Supply Chain Management ranks up there with the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Joining Apple in 2001 certainly makes the top 3!  I’ve enjoyed 15 years of amazing experiences at Apple (experiences MBA students learn about, I’ve lived).  I certainly made the right choice for me.

The first career that inspired me was to become a teacher.  As a teenager, I was often quietly in awe of the impact a fantastic teacher could have.  I also was a witness to the massive difference between a great teacher and a teacher who was just checking the box.  I wanted to be a great teacher!  Alas, the shockingly low pay that teachers are paid in America is what caused me to disregard teaching.  However, I’ve never completely abandoned the notion of teaching, and often find myself happiest when I’m helping others learn. That same passion is what is now fueling this blog!

This blog is about enabling my children to be empowered to make their own life choices, respect their elders, unleash their creativity, help their neighbours, constantly be curious, be unselfish, take pride in their own work and live their lives to the fullest.  That’s how I’ll measure success.

About the Author Iftikhar Khan

With over 16 years of Operations Leadership at Apple, Iftikhar has had pivotal roles in launching the iPod, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch. In late 2017, he launched k12toSTEMCareer.com with the goal of becoming a better parent to his children, Rizwan and Khadija. Today, over 1214 people follow Iftikhar's writings around STEM & Parenting. Read Iftikhar's personal story about his journey from an Introvert to a Director at Apple.

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