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Earning a Home Scientist badge with Girls Scouts at the Tech Museum

This weekend we took advantage of a very cool partnership program between the Girl Scouts & the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.  Khadija earned her Home Scientist badge with the Girl Scouts by participating in a three-hour science lab where she learned about static electricity, density, and how to blow up a balloon without using her breath (hint: baking soda).  She also got to make and eat ice cream, and create her own silly putty.

In a future post, we’re going to write about Girl Scouts and the benefits that Khadija has already realized.  In the meantime, if you’re on the fence, get off and sign up!

Home scientist experiment


Outside of watching Imax movies, I’d never visited the Tech.  Yelp reviewers give it 3.5 stars which is outrageous.  It is exceptional.  The Tech offers a cutting-edge, learning experience.  We were there for three hours, and barely experienced 20% of the museum.  There is a whole floor dedicated to health technology and human biology, which I’m definitely coming back to check out.   In the basement, we spent a good thirty minutes making a social robot.  Check out the youtube video below to meet Percy.   We only left the museum around 2pm because we needed to get lunch, but before we left, we bought an annual family pass for $115.  We’ll be back and next time I’ll make a more comprehensive video review of the Tech.

Girl Scout earning her home scientist badge

PS.  For those of you who don’t live in San Jose, here are two tips for you!

  1. Research the Boy Scout and Girl Scout organizations, attend an informational session with your local troop and strongly consider joining.
  2. Visit the ASTC Travel Passport Program to learn about local science museums in your area.  When you sign up for an annual family pass at your local museum, if they are members of the ASTC program (and chances are they are), then you’ll be able to use that membership to visit other science and children museums across the country.  We’ve been doing this for years and saved so much money in the process. Whenever we visit a new city or area, we check out the local science museum, for free.  This is a no-brainer tip!  Do it today.



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    It is Amazing to see kids so young, learning so much,while having fun.
    Mueseum have a lot to offer.

    Also Good tips on saving money by getting annual passes.

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